Activating a Product Network License

Our software is available as a single workstation license or a floating network license.

In order to get a floating network license to work within a local area network (LAN) environment, a Network License Server needs to be installed on a computer within the network. The computer that the Network License Server is installed on can be any kind of computer (i.e., workstation or server), but must be assigned a static IP address in order for the software to find the Network License Server.

If you have not yet received the Network License Server, see this article.

If you have not installed the Network License Server, see this article.

Product Network License Activation

To activate the product network license, first make certain that the software is successfully installed on the workstation it is to be run from. Then, start up the software and follow these steps:

  1. Select File | Help. This will display the Help backstage page.
  2. Click on the [License Manager] button.
  3. Select the Activate LAN-based Floating Network License option.
  4. Click [Next] button.
  5. The software will then prompt for the network IP address of the Network License Server. Provide the same network IP address that you provided earlier.
  6. Click [Next] and the software will then register the Network License Server. It will then use the Network License Server for acquiring a floating license from that point forward.

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