External editing of HEC-RAS models

Often users will export a HEC-RAS model from GeoHECRAS for project submission. During the process, changes might be made to the exported HEC-RAS model using the Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS software.

To update the existing GeoHECRAS model with these HEC-RAS model changes, re-import the HEC-RAS model into GeoHECRAS so that the project database is re-synchronized. The software will not automatically recognize that there were external changes made to the HEC-RAS model.

The easiest way to do this re-synchronization is to right click on the HEC-RAS layer within Map Data Layers panel and choose Remove from the displayed context menu. This will remove the HEC-RAS model data from the GeoHECRAS project and make room for the revised HEC-RAS model to be re-synchronized.

Removing HEC-RAS model data

Then, import the revised HEC-RAS model into the GeoHECRAS project.

Re-importing HEC-RAS model data

The HEC-RAS model will re-synchronize with the GeoHECRAS project at the same model location, along with the changes that were made.


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