Adding a Base Map Layer

This video demonstrates how to add a base map layer to a GeoHECRAS project.

Follow these steps to add a base map layer to a GeoHECRAS project:

  1. Right-click on Map Data Layer panel and then select Add Base Map Layer from the displayed context menu.
  2. The Add Base Map Layer dialog box will appear.

    Add Base Map Layer dialog box

  3. From the Select base layer data dropdown combo box, select Hybrid Map Bing or any other online map.

    Selecting a base map layer

  4. Click the [OK] button.
  5. The selected online map will be loaded into the current Map View window.
  6. To zoom to a location, right-click on Map Data Layer panel and then select Zoom To from the displayed context menu.

    Right Click Zoom To

  7. The Zoom To dialog box will appear.

    Zoom To dialog box

  8. Select one of the tabs to to use to zoom to a location:
    • Location
    • Address
    • X-Y Coordinates
    • Latitude-Longitude
  9. Enter the desired location and then click on the [Go] button. The software will then search for the location.
  10. For the Location tab, various corresponding locations will be listed. Double-click on the location to go to.

    Selecting Madison WI location

  11. The software will then zoom to the selected location.

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